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Corllins University provides you an outstanding opportunity to earn your Graduate diploma completely online through the easiest, quickest and flexible way. Our Graduate Diplomas are accredited and carefully designed to prepare our students for tomorrow's working world. The Graduate diploma program by Corllins is designed to be relevant, accessible and valuable. Moreover, our academic advisors are available 24x7 to answer any questions you might have throughout the whole process.


Eligibility Criteria

To earn your Graduate diploma, you are required to have at least 8 to 12 months of prior learning/work/life experience in your preferred area of study. Corllins University realizes that some of the most effective learning does not come from a textbook, but from real experiences and hands-on learning. We understand that what you have learned outside classroom is valuable and that’s why we give it credit in the form of proper credentials. We define prior learning and experience as the following listed items.

Items that may translate to Credits for Graduate Diploma

Tuition Fee and Financial Aid Options

The complete, all-inclusive fee for a Graduate Diploma Program is $325. To learn in detail about financial aid and flexible payment options available, please click here..

Time required earning an Graduate Diploma

Time it requires to earn an Graduate diploma from Corllins University is 10 business days, once you get approved by the Admission Faculty. Click here to learn more about the complete admission process.

Popular Areas of Study Offered for Graduate Diploma

  • Diploma in Accounting
  • Diploma in Aerospace Engineering
  • Diploma in Biology
  • Diploma in Chemistry
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Early Education
  • Diploma in Economics
  • Diploma in Finance
  • Diploma in General psychology
  • Diploma in History

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Why Corllins?

  • A globally accredited and recognized University
  • Offers wide range of courses and programs to help your career prosper
  • Provides credit for prior learning/life/work experience

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