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Alumni Area

Corllins University makes sure that its students enjoy benefits even after their graduation. All alumni enjoy a wide range of services that are offered exclusively by Corllins University.

24-Hour Help Center

Corllins University educational consultants are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all our alumni.

To get FREE personalized consultancy from our consultants, you can call anytime on
or start a live chat.

Job Opportunity Center

The job opportunity center provides our alumni an opportunity to view current job openings in many areas so that they may directly contact companies offering positions in their field of interest.

Education Verification Service

Through our education verification service, students can request us to send verification of their degrees to their employer. This verification certificate will state that the degree in question is authentic and has been awarded by an accredited institution.

Alumni Area

As Corllins University alumni, you will be provided full access to your personalized easy-to-use alumni area, as soon as you graduate or secure your desired certification. The area allows you to easily access all alumni services and manage your ongoing relationship with Corllins. With this area you can easily:

  • Request required documents
  • Get a recommendation on which programs or majors are most relevant to you for further education
  • Remain up-to-date on the latest happenings at Corllins University
  • Request other alumni services such as Apostille and notarization services
  • Update your profile and details.

New Student Guide

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Why Corllins?

  • A globally accredited and recognized University
  • Offers wide range of courses and programs to help your career prosper
  • Provides credit for prior learning/life/work experience

Partnership Program

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  • Multiply your revenues.
  • Get global recognition.
  • Manage your accounts with a dedicated Account Area
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