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Credential Verification Service

Corllins University provides lifetime credential verification services to its graduates as a complementary service for the first year and afterwards a nominal fee will be charged on availing the services. We ensure 100% authenticity and credibility of our student's credentials to prospect employers or educational institutions through our educational credentials verification service. As soon as you are approved for your desired degree or diploma, you are entitled to avail the Credential Verification Service, even before you receive your graduation package.

We provide Credential Verification Service through the following mediums:

There are various ways through which we provide the education verification service to our students.

Click here to view the sample of educational verification letter issued to one of our graduates by Corllins University.

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Why Corllins?

  • A globally accredited and recognized University
  • Offers wide range of courses and programs to help your career prosper
  • Provides credit for prior learning/life/work experience

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