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Q – How does Corllins University contribute to the overall educational process?

In many ways! Corllins enrolls working professionals in its Prior Learning Assessment and Full Time Education Programs by offering bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, associate degrees and undergraduate and graduate diploma and certificate programs.

Q – Is Corllins an accredited university?

Corllins is a fully accredited university, recognized by the Accreditation Panel for Online Colleges & Universities (APTEC) and Global Accreditation Bureau (GAB).

Q – How many students enroll in Corllins every year?

This varies from year to year. However, at an average, the total number of enrolled students is more than fifty thousand. This does not include the large number of applications that are turned down due to ineligibility.

Q – What kind of student support services you provide?

For students enrolled in Corllins, we provide:

Q – What kind of alumni support services do you provide?

For Corllins University Alumni, we provide:

Q – What are the partnership programs?

There are two types of partnership programs offered at Corllins. The program for community colleges allows students of various community colleges to enroll in Corllins at a discounted fee. The partnership program for the corporate sector is for employers who want to help their employees compete in the modern world.

Q – I do not qualify for the criteria mentioned on your site. Can I still apply?

We regret we won’t accept your application. Corllins University maintains the highest standard of academic excellence in the education world and for that we must insist you meet our core requirements.

Q – In which disciplines do you offer degree programs?

We offer bachelors, masters, doctorate and associate degree programs and graduate and undergraduate diploma and certificate programs.

Q – Do you offer any program for life experience-based degrees?

Yes. We are able to help those students who wish to get accredited degrees on the basis of their life/work experience.

Q – Can I apply for a major of my choice?

Yes, you can. However, you must meet the eligibility criteria mentioned under each program page.

Q – What if I abort studies after enrolling?

You are free to do that. You can always continue your studies at your convenience.

Q – I can’t find my question here; what should I do?

Please contact us by calling at our toll free number: .

Q – Does Corllins University accepts transfer credits?

Yes, we accept transfer credits from regionally and select nationally accredited institutions of higher learning. We charge $0 for credit transfer evaluation.

Q – When do I have to be online for class for Full Time Education Programs?

If you’re in an online degree program, you log in to Student’s Area to study for the courses of the program you are enrolled for. You can choose the days and times for the study.

Q – How long will it take to get my degree?

If you are applying for one of our Full Time Education Programs, the time requires to earn your degree depends on several factors including number of credits accepted for transfer and whether or not you take time off between courses. Time it takes to earn your credentials also depends on the degree, diploma or certificate program you have applied for.

Q – How do I apply at Corllins University for Full Time Education Programs?

The admission processes for our Full Time Education Programs start when you complete and submit our application form and get registered with Corllins University. Once you have registered with us, you would be sent the login details of Student’s Area via email within 24 hours. Using your login information, you can access your Student’s Area and manage your studies and courses.

For your complete assistance and support our Students Advisors would be available round the clock to guide you throughout the admission and education process. You can also request for financial aid and credit transfer facility through which you can earn credits for the courses you have already studied.

Q – Is Corllins offering any Scholarship Program?

Yes, Corllins University offers Roosevelt Scholarships for students with outstanding profile and excellent experience. Roosevelt Scholarship presents you a chance to materliaze your dream for higher education and professional success.

Roosevelt Scholarship Program offers you a chance to earn a scholarship that covers your upto 90% of your tuition fee. You can apply for the offer at the time of application and earn a scholarship worth 13,400.

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